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Chris Bliss Juggles to the Beatles

This is Chris Bliss juggling. I saw this clip today and remembered that when I was 11, I saw the Jackson Five Victory Tour with my family and this guy opened the show...that was over 25 years ago. Anyone who can juggle will appreciate this.


by Django

submitted March 31st 2006

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So obviously I can't appreciate it since I don't juggle.

It'd be cooler if he did it to some jungle music. In fact minus the balls, he wouldn't look out of place at a rave.
12 years ago
12 years ago
lmao.... the funniest thing about this video is the guy is like 60+ and he is going to the beat of the music when he juggles. Dont quit your day job buddy
12 years ago
the same, but with 5 balls.
12 years ago
what the fuck, I submitted this on sunday for shits sake.
12 years ago
maybe you missed the notice on the front page about yak and i being in ireland without real internet connection majordix. we sit in a pub, drinking and yak downloads 2-3 days worth of work, for us to come back the next day to get posted. does it really matters who posts what for the fact that it still gets put up there? he goes down the list, so whoever submitted it first, it generally goes up as them.
12 years ago
Nah, I dont really care, But I can gripe cant I? Just something I do, nothing personal.
12 years ago
alright people, just so you know, chris bliss is NOT a very good juggler. i've been juggling seriously for six months and can do everything he does, and a lot more. if you want to see a good juggler, watch anthony gatto or jason garfield. garfield did the chris bliss diss parody with 5 balls, here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6283096511750618839

and gatto's webpage is full of videos, here:

stop the chris bliss adoration now.
12 years ago
but still beexlebub, he did it to the beat, and thats some pretty hard shit. I am still very impressed.
12 years ago
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