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Victor the Budgie

he creeps me out....


by Jenbirdy

submitted February 28th 2013

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i can talk better than this
5 years ago
no.. you cant.
5 years ago
The bird has a deeper voice.
5 years ago
he's like the Oracle of fucking Delphi...I'm going to go buy some cheese right now.

/me welcomes our new Budgie overlords.
5 years ago
It's like punky, using hundreds of words with no understanding of their meaning
5 years ago
whoa, brosephino, not cool...
5 years ago
Now he is an ex-budgie.
5 years ago
How scary would it be if someone trained that parrot to recite satanic messages?
5 years ago
isn't it scarier if the bird is satanic all on his own???
5 years ago
What about a satanic death metal singing parrot?
5 years ago
Cute jenbirdy
5 years ago
Jrob do you got a fucking life ?
5 years ago
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