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Gas Can Campfire

Rule number 1: Don't leave a gas can by the bonfire.


by yak

submitted March 28th 2006

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12 years ago
Rule #2: White people should not play with fire
12 years ago
smokey the bear is gonna be pissed
12 years ago
lol^^, RyogaVee is pissed cos his people never got around to inventing fire before they were inslaved
12 years ago
At the end the cameraman shouts "what the fuck!". He has just put a can of gas on a bonfire - why is he so surprised?
12 years ago
Me long cheer, me long cheer!!!
12 years ago
Why o why did nobody went for the lawn chair.
12 years ago
What a bunch of fucktards. Too bad they weren't roasting marshmallows in the blast radius.
12 years ago
I was goin to say that
12 years ago
RyogaVee fuck you. and i did that once in my back yard. it was a big fire and the wind picked it up and the fire like blew over the gas vcan. it was aweosme
12 years ago
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