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Invisibility Cloak

Baile Zhang, an assistant professor of physics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has created a small prototype of an invisibility cloak. In order for something to be "invisible" you must have light bend around you to where you can't be seen, and it has finally been done on a small level.


by Ezophagothomia

submitted February 27th 2013

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Meh. The Brits are doing this with fucking tanks.
5 years ago
Fries does it with his cock.
5 years ago
looks like a simple refraction trick. Moving along.
5 years ago
It's not a trick. Refraction occurs when it hits something (usually water) and "bends" at different angles. What this is doing is completely bending light around the orange object.
5 years ago
refraction has nothing to do with bending at different angles, it bends like to one angle unless the surface isnt flat (like water)
5 years ago
did you read about the building that is going to use this technology?
5 years ago
5 years ago
I did this with an actual cloak. But I lost it.
5 years ago
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