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yay Im gonna be sick

Gir from invader zim,for reference


by KillRoy

submitted February 27th 2013

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I haven't seen anything this gay and worthless since (insert sealbasher joke here).
5 years ago
lol...touche killroy..touche. they all cant be winners.
5 years ago
whats wrong with invader zim?
5 years ago
nothing if your 12..
5 years ago
5 years ago
odd, its been a coons age since i was twelve, but i still like invader zim.
5 years ago
Invader Zim is awesomosity.
5 years ago
Nny and Zim voice actors are coming to a convention in my city later this year. Pic will be posted
5 years ago
this post makes me feel like singing the Doom song
5 years ago
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