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Arm Wrestling Nose Break

Ha Ha! Funny trick, if someone did that to me it wouldn't be the camera I punched.


by yak

submitted March 28th 2006

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"I've broke my nose twice already."

No, mate. Now you've broken your nose three times!

With mates like that...you know the rest :D
12 years ago
Sultans of Swing? I'd say they have bigger 'issues' than the 'broken nose' to deal with.
12 years ago
So who did the definitive Sultans of Swing? I always thought it was this Dire Straits version.
12 years ago
It sounded like the DS version to me as well.

Then again if 'Fiddy Cen' said:

'Yo, yo, yo - uh....uh....uh-huh... bitch....bussa cap....bussa cap nigga bitch....uh...uh-huh'

Over the riff he would call it 'his' song and millions of American kids would think DS ripped it off from him.
*cough*mchammer/superfreak *cough*
12 years ago
"I've broke my nose twice already.
You said you wouldn't let go again. you promised."

12 years ago
12 years ago
Sultans of swing SUCKS!
12 years ago
So does Bob Seeger (sp?)
12 years ago
"Do the truffle Shuffle Chunk!!!!!!!"
12 years ago
these guys have balls, lettin everyone know they listen to fag music
12 years ago
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