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Stairway to Heaven

The sad thing is, these people don't die.


by yak

submitted March 28th 2006

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Is his ass hanging out at the end?

fap fap fap
12 years ago
"Ow! Fuck!" Who wrote the script for that clip?

Where was the almost compulsory "Are you ok?"
12 years ago
I like how the camera man just sits there and films instead of helping the guy out.
12 years ago
haha, he ripped his pants. he's just taking a nap. dont worry.
12 years ago
what are you talking about elecrtonicaddict? half the cool videos suck cause the camera man always puts the camera down at the best part.
12 years ago
hahaha the camera guy is giggling.
12 years ago
Gravity -2, Dumb Asses -0

I got $50 on gravity.
12 years ago
That's what you get for rollerblading. Seriously, who the fuck stills rollerblades?
12 years ago
Q: whats the hardest part of putting on rollerblades?
A: telling your parents you're gay.
12 years ago
if it hurts why you fuckin doin it?
12 years ago
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