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Girls Dig Guns

I think that in order to enjoy this clip as much as I did you need to get really drunk.


by yak

submitted March 28th 2006

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um, is this supposed to be a Japanese version of Spongebob Squarepants, or something, maybe with a little Gumby on the side??
12 years ago
no, its dildo man and his sidekick thurd .
12 years ago
That was so campy it actually looked cool. Talk about a sinister plotline for kids, I don't think many programs made for what looks like the 0-4 range have that level of evil in it, I mean when did Big Bird and Snuffleuppagus ever promote anarchy and lawlessness. It does kind of give me that creepy feeling I had watching the first Gumby episodes.
12 years ago
Wow, I was totally stoned watching this and it brought back images of H.R. Puff In Stuff. I'm going to have to find a video of that somewhere.
12 years ago
Okay, so its that Taco-da octopus thing finds gun, gets girl, Taco-da loses gun, loses girl after getting chased by a ghost from pac man lol.
12 years ago
That was fucking stupid.
12 years ago
alexander just watch it completely smashed like i was and youll change your mind ;/
12 years ago
i like it when everybody goes apeshit.
12 years ago
now we know why they eat shit when they grow up.
12 years ago
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