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gallon smash prank?

is this a prank? or stupid kids? probably the later and I'm laughing too hard at this


by drumrave

submitted February 22nd 2013

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goddamn teenagers!
5 years ago
I hope they get raped in jail
5 years ago
It's not funny at all :/
5 years ago
Sorry, Sporty, she's right. Damn kids!
* Vomitcircus shakes fist *
5 years ago
"Hold on to this cart"

5 years ago
I could watch this all day.
5 years ago
* DushanMandik plays again. *
5 years ago
The end goes to prove my point a while back about...what's the fucking point of putting alcohol in a brown paper bag because everyone knows it alcohol by the brow paper bag alone...or at least thinks it is.
5 years ago
I tell the clerk I don't need a bag as I am proud of my alcoholism.

Usually gets a chuckle.

5 years ago
Mom says, "how are your clothes soaked in milk AGAIN?"
5 years ago
Vertical splits are the best.
5 years ago
Hahaha that was funny
5 years ago
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