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Colorado research for stoner drivers

heavy daily users ftw


by L0RD_QU3S0

submitted February 21st 2013

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starting 2014, medical marijuana dispensaries will be open to the public
5 years ago
HELL YEAH. However....Most medical places will be switching so they don't have to keep the medical license, but medical places will remain separate from those open to the public.
5 years ago
I live in the golden triangle of northern California. if you cant find weed here just as fast as going to the store, your fucking retarded. I have a license anyway..but that's not the point
5 years ago
so who drove them home after the testing???
5 years ago
I was thinking the exact same question
5 years ago
The more you smoke the more you can handle your high and function...it's a great way to live i gotta say.
5 years ago

/me golf claps
5 years ago
Damn I gotta make some coffee and wait for this video to load
5 years ago
Who cares, I can smoke weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
5 years ago
Why is this called Colorado research when this is WASHINGTON. Don't make me cut your face
5 years ago
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