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Family Guy - Sensitivity Training Gone Amok

Peter's recent sensitivity training has left him a changed man -- with traumatic consequences on the family. We're talkin' years of therapy here!


by Milnoc

submitted March 27th 2006

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That almost made me gag too. Soon I'll be able to see all of Family Guy here in random pieces.
12 years ago
Love that episode especially when he tells the women

"Do you know why God invented breasts"
"So that we have something to look at when you talk"
(or words to that effect) - cracks me up everytime
12 years ago
<3 Family Guy
12 years ago
the only thing worse than people thinking they are funny by qouting TV shows, is people thinking they are funny by misquoting them.
12 years ago
Yak and DejaVu, can we please have NSFW and SFW versions of MuchoSucko? Sure, many don't care what comes up on the screen when they log in, but many of us get our MS fill on out lunch breaks at work despite this site being 'Tasteless Humor for the Unemployed'. Still others log on at home with parents or children looking over our shoulders. 18+ warnings don't mean much when X-rated advertisments make EVERY clip adults only. Please guys, we really need a safe for work/home/school version of this site.
12 years ago
i wasn't thinking i was funny i was just retelling my favourite part but hey Hitler won't happen again lol
12 years ago

Why do women have boobs?

So you got something to look at when you're talking to them! Hehehehe.

So you got something to look at when you're talking to them!

So you <cut scene>
12 years ago
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