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A Typical Aussie!

A australian bloke gets pulled over by the cops awesome excuse... I'm just waiting on a mate.


by lovespray

submitted February 20th 2013

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This dude has a sweet forehead.
5 years ago
The 'constable', that is.
5 years ago
you could hang wallpaper on that thing
5 years ago
I could rock that hair style, though
5 years ago
5 years ago
This is a real life version of this conversation:

5 years ago
You're under arrest.

What for?

Because I am not happy with who you are.
5 years ago
Only $600?
5 years ago
typical pissed aussie meth head
5 years ago
He was drunk..
5 years ago
He looks like 5th generation incest.
5 years ago
This is what it's like trying to talk to dug about homosexuality.
4 years ago
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