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Epic splinter in the foot

sorry for the yt upload, I'm uploading via mobile


by chrisxmassacre

submitted February 18th 2013

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the good part is @0:56 you have to look close to catch it.
5 years ago
ive had worse in my thumb
5 years ago
5 years ago
worthy if not for the hardcore 90's surfer accent
5 years ago
i had something similar happen to me but i was barefgoot and stepped on a upright shard of broker mirror i was intending to throw out later that day. i thought for sure i cut myself deep cause my foot slid the entire length of the broken part as i stepped down. then when i finally looked i was surprised to see only a small cut. for about 2 weeks after id feel a twinge of pain like a splinter in my shoe when i walked finally i explored the now well healed cut and pushed on it a little and out shot about a inch sliver of glass. my foot felt a million times better after that.

the end.
5 years ago
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