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Ballistics Tests and the Cheney-Whittington Shooting

I already know what the responses will be to this, so I may not even bother reading them...


by TiredGuy

submitted March 26th 2006

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Ahhh fuck, I'll read them...
12 years ago
I wish someone would shoot this guys...we cant really tell if the test is true without a real body to be used....maybe 20 feet...nah fuck it..point blank.
12 years ago
My God, they're right! It's a conspiracy! There ought to be an investiga...zzzzzzzzzz *snore* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
12 years ago
Well, other than this guys likes to ramble and fire his gun over and over to prove some point, I imagine a descrepancy in the Cheney reports, ok....

When Clinton fired his mess at Lewinsky, I shrugged my shoulders and figured, ok, whatever, now when Cheney fires his mess at another guy (maybe he's gay?), I still shrug and figure, get the facts right, which it looked like they working on, I guess, but stop boring us and get to the point....
12 years ago
Yeah, ComicsGuy, a cover-up of this sort of thing wouldn't be as exciting as, oh, I don't know ... reading a comic book. You seem like the impudent type. Take this personality test, let us know how you score:

12 years ago
haha, nice one tiredguy. i scored a 90. wait...

oh and idk man, im just so amazed that everyone just accepts the fact that bush and cheney are so under-handed. they do such a bad job at covering it up, that everyone believes it. i like how they investigated nixon and clinton but god fobid we question "america".
12 years ago
Well the real mind-fuck is how "questioning the government" became equated with "condemning your country".
12 years ago
yo, thanx tiredguy! i took that test and did so well i won a free 2 week vacation to tahiti
12 years ago
Yes, yes but did he adjust for wind and humidity?

Last people that stopped me for a personality test were scientologists so I'll take a pass here.

Funny they don't name their experts and I couldn't verify that because the site is a mess. Funny how he likes to use the word "propaganda" when the correct word he is actually needing is simply "lie(s)". Looking even deeper into the site, I won't comment on every story but some of them were either alarmist inventions or sheer flights of fantasy. Case in point their criticism of the IMF. I won't say its wrong but it isn't any more convincing. Got to love this internet guerilla news sites which spout equally offensive garbage to the mainstream media while pretending they're telling you the real story when any true public broadcaster tends to do it day in and day out.
12 years ago
Hey Wario, actually they both shot their "wad" at thier respective targets. lol Um..Chicken and Watermelon?? I sense racist overtones in this video.
1. The guy had a southern accent
2. The spread from the buckshot made a miniature confederate flag pattern
3. He wore a black shirt..clearly racist
4. His "engineer" buddy is really a minstrel performer
5.He said "White-ington over and over again.
6. "Bob" the dummy, represented an albino black man (Look at the hair)
This clearly proves that this man wishes that Cheney was black, and he wants him lynched and hung from a tree.
12 years ago
Worst. video. ever.
12 years ago
Did you notice that when he used the modified barrel, they did not do a split screen? If I remember corectly, rubber is a little tougher than human skin and of course it would bounce off. Another stupid video.
12 years ago
Great personality test, TiredGuy! I scored 100 (that means, it took me 100 questions to figure out there's no end to the test!). BTW, I don't even read comic books anymore :-( Well, maybe a few ;-) Certainly more fun than any conspiracy theory I've ever wasted time with!
12 years ago
Oh please, discuss conspiracy theorys about 9/11 or the Moon landing where there is "really" something to challenge!
But not about that fat fuck Cheney and his hunting accident!
12 years ago
Since Turd Gay is filtering my comments from his shit provoking job- someone please ask him why we need comic books when I get enough laughter and mirth reading his inane babbling on here.
12 years ago
^^ If that's K-Billy who posted above: You still owe me $5, chump.
12 years ago
...and if it's monkeyfuck, I'm sure you still haven't even a sliver of decency.
12 years ago
Alex Jones is a hoot! You should see his conspiracy theory of the Twin Towers. He has these little models of the buildings. Then he throws a toy plane into them to help illustrate his theory! Never mind that he wasent actually there to witness it! It's all perfectly recreated and calculated and thought out! He truly is amazing at pointing out the lies and deceit of our EVIL administration! LOL.

Oh, and I love it how TiredGuy always thinks monkeyfucks comments are mine. It's like watching a baseball player try and hit a ball with a blindfold on! Whats even better is that i know he really dosent have a "filter" so his "misses" are even the more pathetic and funny to see.

Oh, and reTardGuy, I have told you time and again that I will happily meet up with you somewhere and personally give you that five bucks. The ball is in your court.

12 years ago
He used a modified shotgun choke which does not give the tightest grouping. He should have used a full choke. A full choke will give you a 15-25% tighter grouping then a modified choke. Course with a full choke the scenario he was tring to disprove is possible.
12 years ago
It doesn't seem to me that even a 25% tighter grouping would make the 30-yard distance reported remotely plausible. Did Cheney have a full choke? Besides, there are other aspects of the scenario that raise questions, such as why they postponed going to police, why Whittington was sent to a hospital other than the nearest, best one... In other words, try again.
12 years ago
I dont understand question number 801 could anyone help me?
12 years ago
^ LOL ... good one
12 years ago
Cool! I just made a BULLSHIT filter and now I can't read Turd Gay's drivel either! Acting like a 9 year old is fun! Someone tell Turd I can ignore him better than he can ignore me and FASTER!
12 years ago
And if Turd Gay asked about "...why they postponed going to police..." - tell him they were following Ted Kennedy's example of taking their time talking to their lawyers while thier victim drowned- except Cheney's "victim" wasn't trapped in a slowly sinking car watching his life escape as his lungs burned from the carbon dioxide poisoning and were then flushed with life extinguishing water.

But don't tell Turd unless he asks.
12 years ago
Great you guys, keep on believing that the U.S. is a great nation! I'm not saying that every conspiracy theory is a real cover up, but where their is smoke, their is fire! You can keep denying it, but you know i'm right! The U.S. governement is all that great like it claims to be!
12 years ago
Dang, my thought out comment vanished to the whims of the internet. I'll try to recall it the best I can.

I said possible, not plausible. Also, Cheney is probably tring to cover it up. But come on, covering stuff up is a knee-jerk response to mistakes in politics.

Dogs and 90 degree shot zones is boring for hunting quail. The funnest way to hunt quail is on a seat, mounted to the front of a truck, blasting away at the flushed out quail. Redneck heaven on earth that is.
12 years ago
It's like a special Ed class in here. Well, I did my good deed for the week :-)
12 years ago
aww... common monkeyfuck! Dont you do the "filter" thing too. It's just too much fun knowing that TGay cant see what you write! aww... whatever.
12 years ago
K-Billy- don't worry. Turd is not can't read what I write anyway. Hell, he can't even understand the pictures.
12 years ago
Geez- talk about shit writing. Even I can't read what I wrote above!!!

Make that "Turd can't read what I write anyway."
12 years ago
What exactly would they be covering up, that he might have accidently pulled the trigger while the dude was closer? That he didn't shoot him? 30 yards or 15 feet, Cheney admitted to shooting the guy. The distance changes nothing. If they claimed another person in the hunting party was the shooter and Cheney just happened to be there, then you might have somehting. You can claim that he was drunk but does it really matter anymore? Without a witness' testimony or a blood test you can never prove it.

Why do I always have to be the voice of reason?
12 years ago
Tyler Durden, the cover-up might be that Cheney didn't shoot him by accident! I'm not saying that happend, but that is what they are trying to imply!
12 years ago
Here is what they can prove.
Cheney was hunting without the proper license.
That's called 'poaching'.
Poaching is 'illegal'.
Cheney discharged a firearm during the commission of a crime (see 'poaching') which resulted in bodily harm to another person.

At the very least, this is a criminal charge of 'Reckless Endangerment' or quite possibly ‘Criminal Negligence’.

Had this been Bob the guy down the street, he would have been arrested...oops, I mean 'detained'.
12 years ago
You know this guy, TGay, the press, ect. were hope'n Whittington would die...........LOL.........
then they could continue to speculate about a non news story for years..............
12 years ago
Voice of reason? How about the "voice of confusion"?

As always, people jump on me for daring to question the official line of bullshit. Did I say that Cheny intentionally tried killing this guy? No. (He's a murderer, but not one with the balls to do it face-to-face.)

The point isn't to say "This is what happened!" but rather, "What they SAY happened doesn't add up ... they must be hiding something." Kind of like 9/11, unless you have too many American flags shoved up your ass, acting as blinders.

Ask youself this: If YOU were in a hunting party without being duly licensed, and you shot someone, and you had someone else talk to the police for you, and you had them delay doing so, what would happen? Speaking of blood tests--a good point--why were there none? Don't you think that YOU would have had one done, if YOU claimed to have accidentally shot someone?

As always, the Bushitler administration is above the law. Kind of like his cute little "signing statements" that say "Fuck congress; I don't have to abide by this law".

And, as always, the kiddies will nip at my ankles, upset at not being able to make a point.
12 years ago
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