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Wopknockin cockbanger

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi taking a chick for a spin on his pasta rocket


by spallingkipper

submitted March 26th 2006

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wtf....lol I wanna say fake but her reaction was pretty cllasssiicccc. Vinchenzo pull da car around, my meatballs need a rubbing.
12 years ago
They abviously didn't make such a fuss about it at some did with Lewinsky's thing. It's ok to have a monkey as a president but never let a president get it's dick sucked by a young girl.
12 years ago
Yeah, abviously.


12 years ago
wow, the zany things you can get away with when you're above the law.
12 years ago
lol, i love italy.
12 years ago
This is actually worse than the Lewinsky affair.
12 years ago
This is hilarious, where the fuck are all these Berlusconi videos coming from?
12 years ago
She looked like she wanted him to come back and soil her loins.
12 years ago
lol. now that's a sense of humor. Something alot of muchosucko members lack
12 years ago
my new favourite politician. the randomness of it was just perfect
12 years ago
Yup, I like this dude.
12 years ago
what? Was he drunk?
12 years ago
chairman-"where the fuck are all these Berlusconi videos coming from?"

they're coming from Italy.
12 years ago
i'm not even sure it IS a woman...
12 years ago
Italy, our friendly neighbor to the south^^

Silvio Berlusconi is da man:P He owns all the media in Italy, so you don't really see him criticized, EVER!

He can do things like that if he feels like it:D!

And his assets are estimated over 10 Billion Dollars!

Against him George W. is a small fish;)
12 years ago
It's a double of Silvio Berlusconi and a fake. There are two other videos. In the second he makes fun of the Brits and in the third he is pickng his nose.

This is fun but Berlusconi is after Bush the second most arrogant dickhead of a democrat in the world
12 years ago
yea thats a double. They actually made a movie with this guy. In the movie Berlusconi got kidnapped by terrorists or something, and the Italian citizens may vote on the internet if silvio is guilty or not. stupid shit.
12 years ago
No wonder why he looks like Berlusconi before the hair implant operation. Yes, thanks for telling me where it came from, it really cleared it up. Unfortunately the ballot papers I received in the mail had already told me that much.

He gets criticised all the time, what you don't see in many other places though is that if he doesn't like the criticism he just walks off, even live on air. He also doesn't currently own all the important media to Italians, full rights to telecast football in Italy.

He is an arrogant cunt who's trying to be bigger than his shoes but I have to give him credit for one thing I've never seen many politicians in the world do, he gives straight answers. In fact he is so naive in press conferences in giving such open answers that he has to make his spin doctors work overtime afterwards to try and patch up the damage his honesty has done.
12 years ago
sorry chairman, i couldn't stop myself...
12 years ago
You're forgiven, I would have been tempted myself.
12 years ago
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