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South Park : Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise wont come out of the closet lol


by fuz

submitted March 25th 2006

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Fuz your icon is badass.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Well, I can't wait to read all the posts trashing Scientology... oh, and probably South Park. I think most of you know that this is the episode which drew Isaac Hayes (voice of Chef) to leave the show. Oh, well, I found out that L. Ron Hubbard is less educated than most MuchoSucker posters (including myself) and Scientology is a big scam, invented because Hubbard couldn't get a technical job so he decided to invent a religion to get stinking rich. If I'm wrong, blame this website:

12 years ago
Oh mah gad.. It's tahm Cruise.. Like oh mah gad!
12 years ago
12 years ago
yeah nice icon.. its almost hypnotic
12 years ago
As the South Park makers commented, Hayes didn't seem to mind when other religions were goofed on.

I read an article the other day suggesting that Cruise had something to do with having this episode's re-airing cancelled.
12 years ago
Shit... I live next to Clearwater, Florida - want to know about the Scientology cult -
goto http://xenu.net/

They are fucked up and ruined a once great city.
12 years ago
Speaking of censorship ---


I see it was accepted but not 'posted'.

*for you slow people - this comment was sarcam and the link wasn't posted because I live in AMERICA!*

12 years ago
Haha good episode....

Anyone ever see when random british media reporter sprays Tom Cruise in the face with water. That shit is classssiiccccc
12 years ago
Southparc is one of the funniest series. I heard Tom Cruise is impotent.
12 years ago
fuckin christian scientist turds
12 years ago
12 years ago
yeah, i saw the clip of Cruise being squirted with water, shame it wasn't hydrochloric acid. the short-arsed fuck. get a sense of humour.
oh wait, of course. he's a scientologist.
12 years ago
That is the best shit ever!!! Too bad Tom Cruise and his Scientologist buddies are going to strong arm the government and have Muchosucko censored.
MBI- hvae you ever been to the Clearwater Hotel? I hear some crazy scientologist shit has gone down there. Check out operation Clambake, They've got a lot of great scientologist facts. Wait thats just my body thetans getting all crazy, I better get myself audited before Xenu drops and H-bomb on my ass. Scientologist out, What!
12 years ago
I am sad to see this was reposted so soon. Oh well. I guess Yak's memory is getting bad.
12 years ago
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