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Grandpa and his Claw

explain sex....


by Jenbirdy

submitted February 14th 2013

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/me daydreams of a proctology examination for some reason
5 years ago
Happy Valentines Day Jenbirdy <3
5 years ago
Happy Valentines! <3
5 years ago
really I hate valentines day... I managed a floral shop for 3 years on college, horrible... horrible holiday.
5 years ago
haha... was just having the "fuck valentines day" talk with a local shop girl... It IS a bullshit holiday... but no matter what people say, they like to feel loved and appreciated on V-day
5 years ago
I feel loved, I got a new food processor and waffle iron :)
5 years ago
speaking of feeling loved, when is mr. birdy going to grace us with a bhole tuesday submission?

you know, for science....
5 years ago
No valentine for me :(
5 years ago
a women who gets kitchen appliances as gifts certainly knows her place in the world
5 years ago
I got a snazzy spice rack on my birthday
5 years ago
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