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Drag Crash

Hah, It Happened On Friday The 13th..What luck


by shad0w

submitted March 23rd 2006

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280 MPH, about a thousand flips, and yet he lives. Yet you can be killed going 25 MPH in a standard passenger car. Those bean counters sure pay off for the auto companies.
12 years ago
The reason he survives is because the track and car are specifically designed to protect the driver in such a situation, not much of a surprise. I can't tell how he lost control of it though.
12 years ago
And yes it seems "Unsafe at any speed" is still a relevant book unfortunately.
12 years ago
Just think, at 280 MPH, that is the fastest anyone ever hit the guardrail and forgot about it....
12 years ago
Uhhhh.... TiredGuy.... This may come as a complete SHOCK, but sometimes people actually walk away from 25MPH collisions in a passenger car, as impossible as it may seem. Just like some people actually walk away from a 280MPH collision in a drag racer, as impossible as it may seem.

Unlikely things happen every day, it doesn't *NECESSARILY* point to a government conspiracy... :rolleyes:
12 years ago
**Gives a BIG Who-Haa!** to coupland.
12 years ago
That was pretty fuckin bad. I wonder if he still races
12 years ago
I swear Tiredguy has E.D. .... You know they have pills for that now!
12 years ago
OMG coupland, everytime you say something, you proof how stupid you are! Tiredguy said that sometimes people CAN get killed in 25mph crashes! He didn't say everyone gets killed in 25mph crashes! And Coupland if you don't want to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, then so be it! Keep on putting your faith in a stupid redneck! (Just so you know, i'm talking about Bush because i doubt you figured it out yourself)! I personally believe that parts of 9/11 were orcastrated! If you have another oppinion, so be it, but stop bitching about it! And now a piece of friendly advice! Read someones comment 3 times before you respond to it! Ok that's what i had to say, the stage is all yours!
12 years ago
not E.D. he has D.S.

Down Syndrome and there's no cure :-(
12 years ago
Why do people have such a hard time understanding language? Vwpolo is right; I said that sometimes people die in 25-MPH collisions, not that they always do. (At least someone here can grasp basic grammar.)

Would it be possible to die in a 25-MPH collision with this type of car? Maybe one out of ten billion times. By the same token, would it be possible to crash in a passenger vehicle at 280 MPH, and live? Not even once out of ten billion times. That was my point: Cars CAN be made to make a crash like this survivable, yet the way they're ACTUALLY made for consumers, much less severe crashes are sometimes deadly.

Can you get your little minds around the distinction?

Before you start hacking away at your keyboards to tell me that if all cars were made this safe, they'd be prohibitively expensive ... don't bother. I realize that. But it's pretty well known that auto makers DO calculate how expensive it would be to add a safety feature--or perform a voluntary recall--versus how much they would lose in lawsuits. This may come as a complete SHOCK, but corporations exist to make money, first and foremost.

I didn't even mention the government, either. I know you are dying to find a flaw in my comments and jump on it like a pitbull, coupland, but this is the second time you've done so and been completely wrong about it.

By the way, here's another reason you people don't have even a basic grasp of language: 9/11 was a conspiracy, even by the official account. A conspiracy is simply when two or more people conspire to achieve some goal. Whether it was al-Qaeda or their benefactors in the Bush administration, it's a conspiracy. The only question is which conspiracy theory you believe.

Thanks for the concern over my health, bcwi, but I don't have erectile dysfunction. What did you think it was that was getting rammed down your throat last night--my finger?
12 years ago
Uhhh... How you drew a link between a drag racer crash and 9/11 is utterly beyond me. Were we talking about that? No. So keep the 9/11 crap where it belongs, I believe this thread is about car crashes.

I know it's cool and hip to imagine corporations as evil entities bent on the destruction of the human race, all controlled by the malevolent hand of someone no doubt named "The Man." Sure, by their very nature any publicly-owned company is inherently amoral, but that doesn't mean they're inherently *immoral*. Corporations are made up of people. People with families and wives and children and consciences.

Sure, there's someone who makes the judgement call to say "that feature is too expensive, we have to leave it out," -- but they do it with subwoofers and mahogany dashboards too, not just safety features. And because car companies are comprised of people, they do their best to build in as much safety as possible into their products. Partly because companies generally don't like to kill their customers, but also because that minivan they're helping design will also be the same one they and their family use to shuttle their kids around to and from soccer.

Oooo, I know. *Everyone* who comes out of college *knows* that all companies are evil and despicable. We know it cause all our friends say so and you're not welcome to laze around Starbucks all day if you don't believe it. But I have a job, and there have been many a time I've been asked to make someone work unreasonable hours, or demand things I thought were unreasonable and I've just said "no." This whole "bean-counter" crap is just a fun theory someone yoinked out of "Fight Club", regurgitated, and felt real smug in their own genius.

Frankly coffee-house socialism doesn't impress me in the least...
12 years ago
figures. he doesn't remember anything and he crashed. it's obvious that he was drunk out of his mind that day.
12 years ago
Tiredguy, The reasons are pretty obvious why drag cars have a higher crash survival rating
#1- They Weigh 1/4 what a consumer car weighs (Less Weight, Less Momentum)
#2- There is a full tubular steel roll cage around the driver
#3- The driver is strapped into a racing seat with a five point harness the limits their movement.
#4- Fire resistant driving suit, Helmet and Neck padding (To keep the driver neck from breaking on Impact.)
I don't think that the average consumer is willing to sacrifice their plush interior, A/C, CD player, Fog lamps, Comfy seat, Everyday clothing and their freedom of movement...........etc. People would rather gambleand hope they don't crash, Like we always have!
12 years ago
you all THINK but do you also KNOW?
12 years ago
Coupland, you think it is so cool and hip to imagine corporations as evil entities bent on the destruction of the human race, all controlled by the malevolent hand of someone no doubt named "The Man.

Well I know it's easy to think that corporations are full of people who care about the consumer! Keep living in your make believe world (and don't even botter calling me a Matrix fan or whatever)!

Sorry but your bashing of people with a different opinion doesn't impress me in the least!

P.S.: You are the one who started talking about conspiracies (indicating 9/11) so don't bitch about the fact that i respond to it!
12 years ago
Sorry polo, hit a dictionary. I was making reference to TiredGuy's implication that car manufacturers conspire to put the absolute minimum safety features in their cars such that cost savings exceed the cost of lawsuits/fatalities. How you correlate that to 9/11 I really dunno. Seriously, I'm sure TiredGuy would prefer you let him do the arguing, at least he knows what the word means.
12 years ago
Before we spam the Muchosucko server space with errant strings of ASCII, we must first do some research. How many people here have ever been to a drag race?
12 years ago
OMG mister "i know only one language" is going to insult me! Nice efford on the recovery of the 9/11 bit! You really got me fooled! You were talking about tiredguys constent statements on 9/11, so don't try to back out by bullshitting! And stop talking in someone else's name! If tiredguy wants me to shut up, he will tell me, OK? And BTW, the fact that you start out by bashing my spelling means you have no serious statement on any topic and that you only try to "get" people by insults! Really mature!

And if you really want to bitch about spelling, stop using words like "dunno"!
12 years ago
Why am I here?- I used to Drag my dart.
12 years ago
Yeah Why am i here, that's really relavent! Because once you've been to a drag race, you are an expert, right?
12 years ago
Trouble is government regulation of safety standards doesn't appear to be popular even for the consumer in the US. Correct me if I'm wrong but is the seatbelt is still an unpopular device there? It's proven that mandatory wearing of seatbelts has increased the chances of reduced injuries suffered in a crash. Naturally there is a threshold or an exception where it doesn't apply but day to day at normal speeds its applicable.

In the case of the US I would put blame equally between Detroit, government and the consumers.

As was pointed out with the design of the drag car, the venue itself is typically designed and sanctioned by a governing authority once it fulfills a number of safety standards.
12 years ago
Also on a side note, its interesting to see GM still being the biggest car company but having a market value of less than USD$13b versus Toyota's USD$172b value. Even Fiat who was first about to be bought by GM and then was expected to go to the wall instead is now worth over $13b. I envy those bastards at GM, $140k not to work.
12 years ago
vwpolo are you a retard? Seriously, are you a retard? I wasn't talking about 9/11 -- I wasn't hinting about it, I really don't see how it relates to cars. Nor did I say anything about your spelling. Seriously, wipe the drool off your chin and get a fucking clue.
12 years ago
Chair- envy the $140k not to work??? Take a look at your government sometime- they spend billions each day not working.

Turd "the filter boy" won't read this he is correct. Automobile manufacturers DO calculate the cost versus safety aspect of every safety item they add to a car. It is called a "trade off study." The majority of manufacturing businesses do it. Some, like Volvo, are smart in that they tout how safe their cars are and they are priced accordingly. Home builders on the shore figure how much protection they need to add to a house to protect it from the above average conditions. Airplane manufacturers use a "Mean Time Between Failures" (among others) measurement to figure how long an engine will operate. They also narrow it down to "catastrophic failures" where a death would occur.

Simple cold fact in life- sometimes it is financially wiser to allow a "known POTENTIAL danger" to remain than it is to fix it.

Chair is correct in placing some of the blame on the consumers. If we didn't buy the Death Trap 2000, then the manufacturers would stop making them. As long as we buy it, they will make it.

But, while I recognize Turd was accurate in his comment about the trade off studies, the rest of his monologue was nothing short of bull shit and apple sauce.
12 years ago
Yeah right coupland, keep trying to bullshit your way out of it!
12 years ago
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