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Window smash.

You don't see enough of the fight, but it's a cool way to freak out your opponent nonetheless!


by Red23

submitted March 22nd 2006

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damn that guy screaming needs to calm down... he sounds like the guy that comes out in the "two idiots and a curb video" screaming "oh my god Oh My God"
12 years ago
so who won? btw if that were my car i would bash his head with my front bumper
12 years ago
i just got hold of some excellent brawls that'll get your blood pumping.
i'll rip and post ASAP. :)
12 years ago
Awesome Red, keep it up!
12 years ago
Now, who's gonna fucking pay for my window?!!!?
12 years ago
what a thick head
12 years ago
Here's a funny little true story...

Back around 92 my band was holding auditions for a lead guitarist. Of the people who came to the audition there were two guys who jammed together. We heard 'em both and then heard 'em individually. One of them was good enough but his buddy was not even close. So we told the one cat that if he wanted the gig that was cool but his buddy was not coming along. So the dude joined the band and his friend got all shitty about it.

Here's where it gets funny. The angry dude began to stomp back-n-forth outside our rehearsal hall...screaming shit about wanting to fight me. So I stepped outside (and the rest of the band and crew followed along ) and the dude was trying to show me how badass and angry he was...he was banging an empty beer bottle against his head trying to break it. The problem is that he was bashing himself with the lower end of the bottle where the glass was solid at the bottom.
After about 5-6 whacks to his head he knocked himself out cold!
I swear this is true!

So I walked over to his 'out cold ass' - looked over at the group of ppl and I lightly kicked him in the ass. Everybody laughed and said that I had just kicked his ass.

The next day he awoke with his face all bashed in and he thought *I* did that to him.
I know a few days went by before people eventually told him 'No, he didn't kick your ass - YOU kicked your ass!' -- LOL -- Maybe it was only funny if you were there, but just typing the story is has cracked me up again.
12 years ago
woulda been better if the window didnt break, and he knocked himself out
12 years ago
My_Balls_Itch, cool story.
12 years ago
Those windows arn't very strong to begin with. I'm sure he knew that. Everyone has a plan. Everyone wants to be a star.
12 years ago
well looks like thats one less hit the other guy has to inflict on this knuckle head to knock him out at least. what a moron, that is an expensive window too lol.
12 years ago
wow that guy is tough, he broke a window with his head! fuckin testicle probably lost the fight though, towards the end check out the gay puch he threw,gay, thats funny!
12 years ago
Fake, before the fight they replaced the window with a sugar one and than the guys werent punching eachother just really good editing with voice over sounds of punching.

I think I saw this on an episode of punked.....
12 years ago
Wow. I am impressed. That is about as intimidating as washing the dishes before you yell at your cat.
12 years ago
Imagine how quick that guy could clean out all the car stereos in a carpark with that skill.
12 years ago
I was just thinking that CotB... Go in with one free hand and a screw driver, don't need a hammer you got your face for that
12 years ago
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