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High school cat fight

Pink pants can't fight-period. Blue jean girl, ain't fuckn' around.


by PunkyBruiser

submitted February 4th 2013

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Fuckin' kids these days...

Fuckin' is an adjective in this case, tr. Not a verb.
5 years ago
nice of you to be thinking of my continuing erudition, but back when you were actually trying to fuck kids, some of us were already familiar with the correct usage of the word "fuck."

"Its meaning is not always sexual, it can be used as... An adjective such as... John's doing all the fucking work."
5 years ago
I saw this on fb 4 days ago.
5 years ago
who gives a fuck
5 years ago
If it is tame enough to be on fb, it shouldn't be here.
5 years ago
^ proof that they should stfu
5 years ago
just going to remind you that you just posed a music video thats been floating around for months that everyones basically seen......
via a youtube link....
5 years ago
* DushanMandik refuses to argue with yak. *
5 years ago
hard to argue with someone when you know they are right....
5 years ago
Look at what you've done punky!?


5 years ago
I don't always downvote based on user, but when I do, I downvote Punky.
5 years ago
5 years ago
School must be alot of fun these days.
5 years ago
typical ghetto nigger behavior
5 years ago
That was 5 1/2 minutes of boring.
5 years ago
kids these days are weak pussies that can't fight. Friday night while I was playing bball with my friends some punk kid came up starting some shit and needless to say the kid left with his tail between his legs.
5 years ago
Uh huh... One kids vs you and your friends.

Did he get sent of to live with his Auntie and his Uncle in the town called Bel-Aire?
5 years ago
Amazing work with the audio sync.
4 years ago
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