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the beaver song

A guy a work with decided this was a good idea. Let me introduce you to the beaver song. Were taking this one worldwide!


by brotherhay

submitted March 19th 2006

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12 years ago
This man has never seen a vagina, nor will he ever.
12 years ago
i just wasted 5 minute of my life.
12 years ago
The Asian Porn is better then this.
12 years ago
I prefer Asian beavers.
12 years ago
i work with this guy, hes married and sadly enough makes more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, hence the time to make this video.
12 years ago
If that's the case, shoot me in a few years time someone.
12 years ago
man i like it, realy, did you saw him do the song brilliant, dude, im gona watch it again.
12 years ago
i was waiting for an obnoxiously large and hairy vagina to come from somewhere, spewing bodily fluids everywhere. but this outcome was obviously the more entertaining one
12 years ago
This is what gives us Canadians a bad name...even if he's not Canadian. I hope the "beaver" knawed HIS oak tree down...that dumbass
12 years ago
if only it were funny...
12 years ago
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