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Battleship Envy

The two guys that make the parodies battle it out in Battleship.


by triple-d

submitted March 18th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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12 years ago
what a moron!.... if you actually set your ships up like the diagram showing their scale, well, duh, you're liable to loose....

this was kinda entertaining until the one kid took out his... um, well... gun and *cough* "sprayed" the area wildly, not doing any damage, or course....
12 years ago
*of course*
12 years ago
It wasnt entertaining.
They were Emo Kids...
And there was no beating of emo kids.
Just playful tapping with a cardboard tube.
They probably had passionate makeup sex afterwards.
12 years ago
yah..I didn't get 30 seconds in and I knew I DIDNT want to watch it. I've got nothing to say about it...it was just stupid..
12 years ago
Gotta give credit, can you make two comically themed videos and have them posted alot of places over the internet? I mean no piss, no shit, no euthanasia, no puke, no violoence, nothing interesting. Trying making a popular video out of that, canyou? I think not. They will probably grow up to be famous gay/emo actors somewhere and cutting your wrists on stage will be cool!
12 years ago
umm i dunno if being famous on the "internet" is something to be proud of...
this vid was pretty weak... i think they should stick to theme songs parodies.....
12 years ago
jreese is famous, and wha ever happened to him?
btw these mufukers need a haircut
12 years ago
once again, they're hardcore kids, not emo kids, the only real way to tell is by how they act and what kind of music they listen to,like the songs in the background were hardcore. also, hardcore kids have a sense of humor, and emo kids would have been too sad to find humor in anything .

lmfao@ OWW MY WIENER!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
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