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Jackson Browne - Lives In The Balance

A pro-peace music video, based on a live performance of Jackson Browne. I know, I know ... "Fuck you and die pinko hippie scum, yada yada..."

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by TiredGuy

submitted March 18th 2006

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Note to chairman_of_the_bored: I did watch this video prior to submitting it. Rest easy.
12 years ago
Link to the song's lyrics:
12 years ago
Jackson Browne's got a mean right hook...beat the fuck out of Daryl Hannah. Pro-peace in this case doesn't mean mouthy former mermaids who won't shut their fucking traps.
12 years ago
I just read that the police concluded that no assault took place. But ... whatever.
12 years ago
I want to shit on Jackson Browne's face.
12 years ago
Are you Japanese, by any chance?
12 years ago
Sadly, I am not, but I do squint sometimes when it's bright outside.
12 years ago
Close enough.
12 years ago
Most of these neo-con christo fascists talk pro war, pro bush, and pro christ and half not half a clue about Jesus their savior who solved his problems by dropping bombs on the non-believers. The all mighty neo-cons spew their talking points out of their ass on the airwaves as the believers lap it up and praise them. Such short attention spans everything is true because the last sentance is already forgotten, praise bush the almighty savior of the Iraqi people. Saddam the almighty Satan has been slain the earth shall all turn green and happiness shall raign free in the Iraqi hearts. All the believers shall be taken up to heaven as the horseman gallop accross the sand shredding the non-believers into little pieces accross the globe. Dammit if only I had realized that bush was the resurected Christ and his words were to be blindly trusted. Hail Bush. Haild Bush... Give us the truth, the way, the path to enternal Bushiness.
12 years ago
Some countrys need dictaters to keep all the crazy fucks in their place, like when will the US learn not to force governments onto other countrys. Iraq is on the brink of civil war gosh who didnt see that coming.
12 years ago
Well put Surfrider.
12 years ago
It is always great to have domestic abusers sing about how great peace is. A well placed spokesman if I ever saw one.

Do you "peace at all costs" fuckwads understand that people who support the war are NOT the same as being "pro-War"?? I hate war as much as anyone. I have seen it first hand and it is a nasty, dirty, vile thing that I would never wish on anyone- not even you, Turdgay. The fact of the matter is that sometimes you have to do the dirty, nasty, vile thing called war to keep things from getting worse.

I find it both humorous and assinine that you will cheer for a fist fight and for a riot but then when you put it on a larger scale you suddenly mount your "peace loving hypocrite soap boxes and vomit forth your "peace and love at all times!!" nonsense.

Nobody LIKES war, assholes, but some of us are grown up enough to recognize that sometimes you have to do even that which you don't want to do. I don't enjoy leaving my family to go to work in the morning but I dislike sleeping in a car wondering how I will feed my family even more. So- off to work I go. Likewise, I don't enjoy seeing Americans dying in a land of sand niggers, camels and IEDs but I dislike the idea of another 9/11 happening on a daily basis. So, off to war we go.

Yes, I am anti-WAR, but that does not cloud my recognizing that there really are some things in life that are worse than war. Until those issues are mitigated, ten war will continue to be a necessary evil.

Get used to it, asshats. The human animal has been killing each other since the first caveman picked up a rock and caved in his cave mate's skull. It is time to put down the bong for a few minutes and think rationally, lucidly and realisitcally. Even if it is just for a brief momet in time.
12 years ago
Yes but using your framework, was this particular war necessary? I mean cost/benefit time people; lives, money, reputation and the payoff? Regions (anti-Western terrorism exists in more than one part of the world) at peace with itself and other regions? It doesn't look like its made much of a dent <from a regional/global perspective>. Either people made a huge miscalculation, something which many renowned conservative academics have stated, or there was an alterior motive which I'm not going to go into because a) it fans the flames b) I don't totally believe it myself either.

Terrorism for the large-part is not orchestrated by states which means control of the population through either local authority or foreign occupation, not an easy task in a number of them to begin with. In fact a lot of its roots are in countries which are not being told to wise up.
12 years ago
Oh and thanks for the concern but you can save yourself the bother by simply not stating that you didn't watch it first. How will I know otherwise?
12 years ago
@cotb: Just being proactive. I just didn't want you to waste any time pondering whether or not I watched it. The overriding point, of course, is that it doesn't matter either way. Not everything I submit is made as a statement. I'd submit pro-Bush, pro-death, pro-fascism content if I ever came across that dreck ... but I don't.


I don't know who posted above cotb, given that it's someone I block. But if it's K-Billy, you still owe me $5.
12 years ago
Here's a song I wrote ... it ain't much, needs a chorus. Yes, I wrote it while smoking a joint and getting a blow job from your momma while she wore a Jane Fonda mask:


What, oh what, do neocons want?
A thinking person would inquire
Nothing less than world domination
The first-ever worldwide empire

The idiots who follow those power-mad freaks
Don't bother to do any thinking
It's easier to scream and wave the flag
And pretend the country's not sinking

When terrorists kill (according to Bush)
Their battle cry goes into full swing
"Kill someone, anyone, the more the better!"
A cowardly xenophobe thing

Some soldier tells me an Iraqi thanked him
For getting Hussein off his back
Well, most of us here want rid of Bush
Does that justify an attack?

To pics of dead children, your brittle reply
Is "Shit happens; this is war!"
The point you ignore, conveniently
Is that you can't explain what it's for

The world stood with us in a show of support
After the terror attack
That goodwill is gone, and now we're reviled
What's your plan to earn it back?

Now the debt limit will be 9 trillion bucks
Can you even count that high?
Your children will pay for this debt you've allowed
And their children, too, till they die

You bastards can hate me all you want
You'll never bring me down
And this country will continue its downward spiral
Till those demons are run out of town

So wave the flag, and ignore what it means
You subservient ankle-biter
Our mutual hate is the glorious work
Of Bush, the great "uniter"
12 years ago
By the way, all you pro-war freaks should enlist NOW... You can be out of basic training in time to invade Iran later this year, before the elections, and help the Repugnicans improve their standing through the "rallying effect".

Don't worry about being accepted--remember, your favorite despot has fucked the military so bad that now they're letting even complete losers in. They'll even help you pass the admissions tests.
12 years ago
"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." --Albert Einstein
12 years ago
Once again Turd Boy demonstrates his lack of maturity by hiding from "mean people" like a chicken shit behind his little filter.

Don't worry, Turd, you know deep inside what a chicken shit coward you are and as soon as you face it like a man (if you can) then maybe you can get off of your prozac. Until then, keep popping your pills and hide from the big mean world.
12 years ago
I love little boys and hiding my head in my ass.
12 years ago
oooh life is so crap n stuff. s all about money and shit. Hey dudes out there stop war n stuff. ok? good. m goin to smoke some pot now because later I want to cry again about the whole stuff and do nothing than making shitty videos with shitty music. PS: Im very social.
12 years ago
Ahh monkeyfuck. Tiredterroristguy does not have any filter! He's just ignoring all the people that actually make him have to defend what he believes in. He is a chicken shit, just like you say. Just a puppet tool, spewing out one sided dreck, and when someone checks him? Well, that person goes into the "filter" I think it's all kind of pathetically funny.

You know. Put your head in the sand, perhaps they wont exist type of attitude. He still sees everything. No bother. He stopped responding to me a long time ago.

Oh, and tg, you ever been to austin? I've got your five bucks right here. Lets meet up so I can give it to you! Oh, and that knuckle sandwich I've been saving as well...

ahhh... kbilly 98 Tiredguy 0. Too bad though you cant see the score. ;)

12 years ago
That must have been some early Einstein you were quoting there, Balls_Itch, later he changed his mind when he saw what the Nazis were doing...he did seem to have some regrets, though.

I made one great mistake in my life... when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification - the danger that the Germans would make them.
--Albert Einstein, November 1954

12 years ago
...it isn't working ... the world is not getting safer. I think at some level the Bush administration really believed they would build peace...but they just didn't do their home work and they didn't listen to their own experts. The question was how do you neutralize al-Qaeda without swelling it's ranks? How big was it in 2001...several hundred? ...and it was an enemy of Iraq. Fuck man! I have so much respect and agratitude for those in the forces. The men that concieved this mission did not serve anyone well.

But this ship has sailed...resolution is going to be costly difficult and complex. Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.... "never get involved in a land war in Asia"
12 years ago
Haha, bush fingered you all, you pathetic humans.
12 years ago
cake- at least we aren't going against any Sicilians when death is on the line.

Norse- I'd rather be fingered by Bush than turned into Hillary's hand puppet like the dumb-as-craps who support her.
12 years ago
I read how an exit strategy <could> actually be a good thing in the long-term for the US, provided you assume that people will forget again who kicked it off to begin with.

The comparison was Vietnam during the Cold War, the US finally gave up and pulled out and the next thing we see is supposedly friendly communist countries blowing the shit out of each other and being too preoccupied with their neighbours than with the US. I doubt it was the initial idea of the US but it was rather a nice fluke don't you think?
12 years ago
monsewage - Einstein was a very interesting character. Yes, he did regret that the atom bomb had been created and at the same time he knew that if we didn't do it, somebody far worse than us would.

I believe that diplomacy is always the best policy and if people could just sit down, share a meal and a few drinks that they could get a lot more solved than by throwing punches at each other.

Having said that, I am not so foolish as to believe that diplomacy works 100% of the time. There are those situations when you have no other option but to bring out the guns.

“What you cannot enforce, do not command.”-- Socrates
12 years ago
MBI- "War is a form, a final form, of diplomacy." - Dr. Henry Kissenger
12 years ago
Am I the only one not taking himself so seriously as to admit I laughed my ass off when they showed the child's drawing of a man getting shot in the crotch?
12 years ago
...yes monkeyfuck...the only slightly less well known of the classic blunders..touche!
12 years ago
I believe Hindenberg said something along those lines many decades earlier. War being the ultimate extension of diplomacy.
12 years ago
my favorite band is cake
12 years ago
Monkeyfuck - that was pretty good. Here's another fine quote.

"My dick is in the punch!" - Newbomb Turk.

12 years ago
MBI - "It does have a little wang to it." - Bimbo (Bimbeau?)
12 years ago
Sasha Da...Da..Dabinski... the one armed violinist.

12 years ago
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