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Hoodwinked II

Is it fucked up that the whimpering makes it more enjoyable ? #YOLO


by JerkStore

submitted January 29th 2013

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Is that a fucking hashtag yolo?
5 years ago
Downvote just for that.
5 years ago
as founder and major contributor to team YOLO, i just want to say fuck you guys.
5 years ago
And fuck team yolo.
5 years ago
i guess i should let you in on our little side project "cause yolo".....
should be launching it in a few days..... ;//
5 years ago
sister website?
5 years ago
yupper... then next one will be "non stop geek"
for ... well.. you know... geeky things :P
figured this year i might as well get off my ass and actually make some shit thats why ive been fixing mucho and adding features and crap that i shoulda been doing most of last year... tho to be fair i was fixing a lot of bugs last year
5 years ago
Nice. So will it be linked to Mucho ?
5 years ago
Like, if sealbasher posts a facebook meme, do we just tell him to take that shit to CY (cause yolo) ?
5 years ago
well... at the start a lot of the content will probably come from mucho submissions but mucho itself i think will always be a site for 'everything'
other sister sites will just be more targetted
5 years ago
ideally what will end up happening is the other sites start powering the posts on mucho.. which would be easy enough to do.. so if something gets submitted thre thats good it gets featured here
5 years ago
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