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How EXTREME Makeover Home Edition Works

Pretty much sums it up perfectly.


by yak

submitted January 29th 2013

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How EXTREME Makeover Home Edition Works
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Every time I watched this show, I always questioned what they did when the child outgrew the room's theme? Or what happened if something broke...they couldn't afford to fix that shit.

Stupid ABC.
5 years ago
They aired it here too. I mostly wondered how they would ever afford the maintenance of those huge houses. Sometimes they would put in air conditioning with hepa filters and such. Replacing those wouldn't be cheap, and that goes for the rest of the maintenance of those huge houses.
5 years ago
im more bothered by the home shows where the people are fucking rich and getting home improvements for free
i like watching the shows where its poor people getting their shit fixed up cuz they cant afford it...
same with restaurant makeover.. i hate the ones where its like 'oh yea we just opened up another restaurant a few miles away and this ones business has slowed down'
so they get the shit done cheaper
5 years ago
i watched yard crashers for like 3 hours the other day... same shit. upper middle class folks that suffer from boredom and stupidity instead of poverty
5 years ago
it's worse on programs like Gordon Ramsey's restaurant make over... a few coats of paint and new table decor, doesn't change the fact they thought it was perfectly acceptable to have and serve month old, out of date moldy meat in their fridges.
5 years ago
ive heard quite a few bad stories about restaurants on that show feel gyped after
tho im sure there are some good stories as well.. you just hear about negative things way more :p

did you get my email? :P
5 years ago
just replied
5 years ago
i replied as well.. seems you are in the same boat as excon.. same isp and now its doing that shit
5 years ago
I wanna know who ty penningtons coke dealer is.
5 years ago
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