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Muslim Rap

Go Jihad, go Jihad... Keepin' Iraq real.

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by yak

submitted March 16th 2006

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I think you just found Tiredbi's theme song!!!
12 years ago
To say that sucked would be an insult to the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. (Thank you, Homer Simpson)
12 years ago
Allah snackbar!
12 years ago
word, to your Turban crew!!

Actually, I wonder how long these clowns would last on American Idol?
12 years ago
I'm going to go on with my life as if I never even watched that piece of shit.
12 years ago
Muzlums. LMAO.

12 years ago
but i believe this a duh fake.
12 years ago
Would have been more authentic with 72 virgins shaking their ghetto arses about.
12 years ago
or just one 72 year old virgin
12 years ago
I can't remember the last time I didn't make it through a vid on Mucho.............
12 years ago
Bush you're a looza yes im talking to ya

haha this should be in MTV
Hope this wakes ppl up.

Hahaha america you're broke, your president's a joke.

LMAO this is nothing compared to what those few american soldiers did to those Muslims:P

Ahwell, once in a while videos like this keeps me smiling, and keeps certain ppl ignoring
12 years ago
to bad there white, and a nigger in the back.
12 years ago
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