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Bike Sliders

Kinda like the old TV show, but with a bit more pain, and nothing to do with dimensions.


by yak

submitted March 15th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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What a fuckin' retard! Learn how to ride! lol
12 years ago
Maybe he should go to another dimension where he can't exist, and POOF that will the end of him!
12 years ago
what a cunt. he took his mate out.
12 years ago
These irresponsible fucks give motorcycling a bad image.
12 years ago
...He just slipped and everyone is flaming him. This video sucked ass...not even gory.
12 years ago
Nobhead! If I was the other guy i'd have kicked his head in. Some mate!
12 years ago
"He just slipped"? What video did you watch?

Regarding the image of motorcyclists, I think a very good number of them give it a bad image. About half the people I see on cycles operate them in them in blatantly irresponsible ways. Or, at least, it sure seems that way. You know the douchebags I'm talking about--they discovered masturbation late in life, so they try making up for it by slipping in between other vehicles, going double the speed limit, tailgating, and all that horseshit. If I ever see one of them get killed before my eyes, I'm not kidding when I say I will laugh my ass off.
12 years ago
Those two cyclist he past they past just before they crashed are laughing their ass off!
12 years ago
It's just that so many people lack the proper skill and self-control to operate a motorcycle. It's a great responsibilty that few are able to handle, and even if they are, experience goes a long way. All these motorbike crash clips carry a common thread: riders are young, driving too fast, trying to show off for the camera/audience, and they all record it for us to enjoy at Muchosucko.
12 years ago
Yeah, I saw that coming.
12 years ago
I guess it's put into perspective when you consider how many swinging dickholes there are driving cars and trucks as well. Gotta love those people who think their entertainment or schedule is more important than your life.
12 years ago
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