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featuredmuchoers gone wild

by ClaudeBallz

submitted January 22nd 2013

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5 years ago
as in the knights who say?
5 years ago
"one day I was sitting at 'ome..threatnin the kids, and I looked out thee 'ole in the wall...and I see this tank drive up..."
5 years ago
Fucking stupid shit.
5 years ago
I think you mean to vote down, DM...
* ClaudeBallz points to arrows *
5 years ago
no place on this site for anything stupid
5 years ago
I thought it was sort of complimentary....
5 years ago
i don't get it
5 years ago
It doesn't take a genius to get this...
5 years ago
claude.... i'm going to have to direct your attention to the "logout" button on the upper right portion of your screen.
5 years ago
recover password
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