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Warren Jeffs And His Young Wives

Warren Jeffs and 12-year-old wife Loretta. And another picture 50 of his wives in one picture. He had 78 wives altogether, many of them related and a third of them under the age of 17. Another great ambassador for religion and the human race in general one Mr Warren Jeffs – a lovely Texan polygamist found guilty of pedophilia was sentenced to life imprisonment.


by thatdude420

submitted January 22nd 2013

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Warren Jeffs And His Young Wives
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Give him a break. She looks 14.
5 years ago
good for him
5 years ago
It'd be a bitch to track down STD's. I mean, which skank gave you the herpes? Willamina or Winifred?
5 years ago
Polygamy the ultimate group orgy.
5 years ago
And now he will be a wife to many
5 years ago
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