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Hamster Blender

Relax you brainwashed PETA zombies.. Its fake.


by yak

submitted March 15th 2006

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Fake,,,, but wtf if it's real and he still smiles like that.
12 years ago
hamster milkshake... hmmm
12 years ago
but it was not real, so, eh..
12 years ago
12 years ago
ah you see him switching the hamster when he 'accidentaly drops it'.
12 years ago
yeah... "wops it fell just before I put it in the blender and then I put one that misteriously didn't move in the blender!"
12 years ago
"hamster" was the only word i understood in that.
big setup, obvius punchline.
not very good.
12 years ago
wtf... if you listen to the words...(if you understand french) it sound like he's on a kids show!!hahhahaha those damn euros!!
12 years ago
Quick, PETA assholes: Email yak and threaten him with "perjury". Silly little cocksuckers.
12 years ago
im a member of peta but i aint no veggie either, i dont see whats wrong wiv this as its fake, i mean u would have to be a complete retard to think, that even if it was real it wouldnt be , not even a little bit wrong. so get ur fuckin facts right before u go bitch bout people who believe in a cause. like i sed, theres nuthing wrong wiv this as its fake, some peta member might complain but those ones just need to have a spliff and sit back n chill man.
12 years ago
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