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Heidi Naked Shopping Mall Trip


I think she was shoe shopping.. 18+


by yak

submitted March 15th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Why dont this ever happen over here
12 years ago
Cause some1 deletes my comments lol.
12 years ago
She wants to be raped
12 years ago
But then it wouldn't be rape.
12 years ago
i'll put her on my shopping list.
12 years ago
I wonder if the mall manager ran out and proclaimed her the "Millionth Customer", just so he take in back and have his way with her....
12 years ago
i actually saw some guy with a mobile phone and might of took a pic of her butt. good one dude. :p but like she cared.
12 years ago
It don't happen over hear because north Americans would go insane if there was public nudity. There would be lynchings, wars, and presidents would be overthrown.
12 years ago
Why doesn't it happen here nc89? Because no one wants to see a big, pale, eastern european woman's ass.
12 years ago
i'd fuck her
12 years ago
yeah quankers,huh, quankers, funny name. why is murder and crime socially acceptable on t.v. but not people being in their natural state, naked. so gay...
12 years ago
I wonder if the guy walking behind her ( the one holding the black jacket ) was part of this video ? Or maybe he just wanted a REALLY good look at her ass ? ... it seems like public nakedness is turning into "reality" tv shows pretty soon everyone will do it, not that im complaining or anything.
12 years ago
Shopping? Where did the attention whore keep her money?

Did anyone notice the LACK of attention she was getting?
12 years ago
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