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The art of the sharpened grenade


by holymackerel

submitted March 13th 2006

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Maybe its because I'm really high, but that was some funny shit.
12 years ago
Its like a finishing move in Mortal Kombat
12 years ago
funny shit was video before this one... this is an insult to martial arts. Where o where is Chuck Norris when you need him?
12 years ago
hahaha...^^giving aids to a nun. Even though he dosnt have aids^^
12 years ago
Chuch doesn't need 'aids' or any other kind of help.
He just needs his 'Lone Wolf McQuade' chruck and he's good ta' go!
12 years ago
6 years ago
naw, just a low-res knock-off.
6 years ago
I'd be trying to "bang" the girl instead. Somehow I think he wouldn't be prepared if he just shot him in the back from outside arena.

For all you history buffs this is at least half true. The Mongols employed foot soldiers to fling kegs full of gunpowder at their enemies which roughly killed about the same number on the Mongol's side as their enemies.
12 years ago
the punchline was totally not worth sitting through all of that.
thumbs down.
12 years ago
neat trick he had there
12 years ago
Kaboom eh?
12 years ago
That was so hilarious, I will be laughing out loud for the rest of the night.
12 years ago
Man I can't believe I sat through that. Boring and a constant horrible pun. The girl looks at him with disgust as well, like he were Chuck Norris' half brother Earl.
12 years ago

"Move Your Body"

Work your mind mind
Work your body move your mind
Move your mind mind
Work your body body
Work your mind mind
Work your body move your mind
Move your mind mind
Work your body move your

Move your body,
Every everybody.
Move your body,
Come on now everybody.
Move your body, move your body.
Everybody come on now everybody.

You want to move the world,
Start with your body.
Yo, come on you gotta start with something.
If you wanna move your mind,
Just move your body.
Move your mind, move your mind,
It's gonna cost you nothing.
You want to move someone,
Start with your body.
Yo come on and try to move somebody.
If you wanna move alone,
Then everybody will move along with you.
12 years ago
Three 6 Mafia
"Slob on my Knob"
slob on my knob
like corn on the cob
check in with me
and do your job
lay on the bed
and give me head
dont have to ask
dont have to beg
juicy is my name
sex is my game
lets call the boys
lets run a train
squeeze on my nuts
lick on my butt
the natural curly hair
please dont touch
first find a mate
second find a place
third find a bag
to hide the whole face
real men grover
i said bend over
i started to knob
then came the odor
smelt like mush
shouldnt have a wush
told her to stop
and take a dush
once she did that
i didnt want the cat
so i vamped out
and never came back

suck a nigger dick or somein' x4

my nigger deep magic
said he had to have it
i said just forget it
its too crappy
know a little freak
in hollywood
sucks on dick
does it real good
she'll give you money
fill up your tummy
house full of kids
parents are scruggy
once had a down
backyard ground
hid it from the back
enjoy the sound
lay undercover
always used to rub her
till i got caught
fucking with her mother
she blammed it on me
we fought in the street
she pulled out a knife
so i had to flee
Called up the boys
went to her house
Trashed the whole place
threw the bitch out
police busted in
where the niggas at
we left just in time
and never came back
roll through the hood
waving at the freaks
whos sniffing all the rocks
and smokin all the geese
made another stop
police station
saw a few cops
drove by his crater
license tag number
a nigger said he saw
focus all the time
never get...
12 years ago
^^lame REALLY lame. i fuckin hate rap
12 years ago
En garde, I'll let you try my wu-tang style.
6 years ago
Wu-tang vs shoulin.
6 years ago
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