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Carmen Electra does Striptease

Carmen Electra and 2 friends show off thier talent as strippers in this video.


by Spoff

submitted March 12th 2006

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ahhh it was alright..though that's hardly striptease. I expected to see a playboy video of her not of her in concert. Oh well, still hot.
12 years ago
When did taking off one piece of clothing start constituting a striptease?
12 years ago
Eh, I've seen better and I've seen worse.
It is however the first time I've seen someone try to strip to a lame version of the Peter Gunn theme.
12 years ago
james bond theme you mean? fucken retard. oh...and Carmen Elecra IS FUCKEN HOT.

Id stalk the bitch
12 years ago
Christ- did someone actually PAY money for tickets to that waste of time?
12 years ago
Are there any tits n ass on this site more than a couple weeks old that are not "temporarally" off line? C'mon guys if you're not going to put this stuff back up then then get rid of the titles and quit teasing.
12 years ago
Actually that is the theme from Peter Gunn. Maybe you should think before you open your mouth and talk shit, dumb fuck, get your themes straight.
12 years ago
No daggarz, that was Peter Gunn. Get your melodies straight.
12 years ago
Whoops, too late. Dang.
12 years ago

Carmen is "skank"...she's been with Rod(man?)

And you are the fuckin' retard..for bashing Biker when he was right.
12 years ago
Lucky lucky dave navarro!
12 years ago
sounded like the jingle that accompanied an old anti-litter advert. Hot babes though - wish they'd litter the floor with their clothes
12 years ago
no even worth a tussle

12 years ago
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