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Baby Flotation Noose

controversial "baby-water-torture"


by shadowfaximile

submitted January 16th 2013

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The kid pooping or peeing in this would have been more appropriate for this website 'clientele'.
6 years ago
*pervspys online
6 years ago
heya jim, hows stuff?
6 years ago
jim, i have this vid i've been wanting to sub all night, but i know nobody except maybe vomit will like it....what should i do?
6 years ago
* possum passes out *
6 years ago
Hi Possum.

I'm not sure you care whether or not anyone likes it or not? Man up and post it, you fuckin candyass.
6 years ago
...and then the center of the ring fills with water from splashing and drowns the baby.
6 years ago
Is it wrong to want to know how many "test model" babies have drown/ had their neck snapped for such a leisure toy
6 years ago
good find...... bad noob for posting a youtube link. you get a meh :/
6 years ago
you sir get 0 points. good day
6 years ago
* L0RD_QU3S0 dashes off to perfect fizzy lifting drink *
6 years ago
With that enormous fat head the ring is pretty much superfluous.
6 years ago
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