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Charlie Murphy vs Prince

This is a great clip from the Chappelle show. Charlie Murphy (Eddie's brother) tells how Prince schooled him on the court...I don't know if I should believe it or not?


by Django

submitted March 11th 2006

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Yeah, because nobody has seen this before.
12 years ago
The best...ok, the only good part is at the end, when Dave says...Bitches.
12 years ago
this is something unrelated but... why do the chicks on the right get ugglier?
12 years ago
12 years ago
haha yah I've seen this a thousand times before but I still love it. Game..blouses. Oh and..one last thing. When I'm not looking directly at Charlie Murphy's picture all I see is a white oval on a black background...does that make me racist? lol
12 years ago
Well I've never seen it before but I'm glad I got the chance to.
12 years ago
deffinitly fake, that isnt the E hollywood story and that wasnt even prince
12 years ago
baltimore80 -- NO, REALLY? It appeared on Chappelle's Show.
12 years ago
It is real.. and it isn't meant to be prince, its rick james. Two completely different artisits.
12 years ago
Its real. I was there.
12 years ago
Im rick james bitch, "fuck your couch nigger" lmao classic
12 years ago
wow, some of you guys are fucking retarded and need to watch more chapelle show.
12 years ago
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