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Colbert - You're welcome

Colbert talks about the working class... or something like that. Yeah I know the video's incomplete :P


by phaet

submitted March 11th 2006

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...be afraid Mr. Colbert....the terrorists are coming for you...the GOP is the only thing that can save you
12 years ago
Colbert's da man, that was good stuff.
12 years ago
When I saw him on the odd occasion on the Daily Show, he didn't strike me as particularly funny but he seems to have blossomed with his own show.
12 years ago
I coulnd't find Colbert's clip called 'the word' from 7th december 2005 about oil from Venesuelians (or how you call them). You can find a flash version of it on youtube.com but you can't submit it here.
If anyone knows where to find this clip PLEASE put it here, it's funnier!
12 years ago