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Surprise Party


A real "surprise" party. (Apparently a commercial made for an Italian company.) 18+


by TiredGuy

submitted March 10th 2006

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This really happened in Spain except it was much worse. There was a security camera in the girls house and she was caught putting liver pate on her pussy and having her dog lick it off.
12 years ago
omfg. Lets just hope it runs in the family otherwise it'll be too...
12 years ago
obviously not an italian commercial. they quite obviously said "let's play"
you can't pull the wool over MY eyes, muchosucko!
12 years ago
woah, she was getting ready for some pussy-on-pussy action there, or attempting some satanic ritual there....
12 years ago
Yes, they say "Let's play", but the web site given uses the ".it" TLD, which is Italian.
12 years ago
other countries have been known to use english phrases from time to time...
12 years ago
so what your saying cainkane1...... is that a woman put liver pate on her cat and the dog ate it....... how mean.
12 years ago
I'll add to cainkane1's comment that it was shown on national TV by error because ricky martin was in her closet waiting to give her a surprise, and that's why there was a cam in her room. Ricky Martin didn't want to come out of the closet and the presentor was like... "come on... get out there before things get *deeper*!" LOL. Oh, and it was jelly, not liver, or at least that's what I think. Now I'm not sure. This happened several years ago.
12 years ago
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