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kung fu fuck you

Muchosucko style Kung-fu


by holymackerel

submitted March 10th 2006

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Pretty funny stuff.
12 years ago
And then Mr. Chan came in and gave them all hot dickings.
12 years ago
ROFL!!!! This one is a keeper. FUK YOU!!! And then the leprechauns....
12 years ago
fuck you.........FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
I agree... I save very few videos, but I saved this one.
12 years ago
LMFAO, what a fuckin n1ce video:) n1!!!!!!!
12 years ago

That Kung-Fu movie is better!!!
12 years ago
Exactly, MuchoSucko style Kung-Fu LOL...
12 years ago
scotty, why would you think the members of ZZ-Top fighting kung-fu would be better than this??

haha, yea, feel the wrath of my wind-up screaming bird of fuckdom!!

Now all we need to do is combine "Scarface in 90 seconds" with the quick middle-finger action of this movie and see how many flying fingers can be shown in 90 seconds...
12 years ago
Yeah. I agree with TiredGuy. This one's a keeper.
12 years ago
I didn't pay attention to this. The girls on the right side were flashing their hiney's to me, they got my attention.
12 years ago
hahah nice. All the best ways to flip somebody the bird in one cheesy Kung-Fu Movie knock-off. They missed one...show-and-tell. where you slide your finger up from behind your hand making the peson believe it's your middle, but realy showing your index, then doing it again and it's your middle finger.

"Can't you hear the sound of my victory? Maybe I should turn it up" hahah best line
12 years ago
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