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small car

funny shyt


by ripwalk

submitted March 8th 2006

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Not that funny, actually.
12 years ago
ha-ha, bitch!
12 years ago
AssBandit: I think you're eval on this is incorrect. This is actually not funny at all.
12 years ago
i was expectin somethin funny =\
12 years ago
Hah, well now... that shopping cart has more cargo room than her damn car.
12 years ago
I can park that thing in the box of my small pick-up. people who buy smart cars, or similar, needs their head examined.
12 years ago
Not that I own one or similar but may I ask why?
12 years ago
had a vid on here a year or so ago where thy rammed one of those smart cars into a concrete wall at 70 mph and figured that the roll cage was good enough that the people inside would have lived.
12 years ago
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