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guy falls off ladder and needs stitches



by ripwalk

submitted March 8th 2006

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I'm still struggling to find out what the hell he intended to do.
12 years ago
I want to skull fuck that guy in his bloody gash.
12 years ago
12 years ago
that guy who picked up the ladder is a dick... but he did make a good video...
12 years ago
I am so thankful for stupid people. They make the best entertainment.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Thats exactly why I say walking under ladders isn't bad luck, climbing them is.
12 years ago
bald spot for him.
12 years ago
the guy who is suppose to be holding the ladder let it go.

he is the arsehole.
12 years ago
yeah he definitely tipped that on purpose. But Jesse0986, he was trying to change the light bulb. It went out. That's why its so dark...
12 years ago
So that's why I have a primevil dread everytime I'm faced with the task of climbing a ladder. I was practically shitting myself when I was standing on the top of one on a second storey balcony, it wasn't for other people's entertainment I can tell you that.
12 years ago
mygonad is right! But is the guy really a arsehole, or a provider of funny videos?
12 years ago
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