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Obligatory stupid 'possum' reference

And yes, I'm calling you 'Bunghole' from hence forth. Be careful where you're dipping your hands, noobs.


by xzekiel

submitted December 31st 2012

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5 years ago
Of course dug watches the turtleman.....
how stupid was I to think otherwise
5 years ago
5 years ago
Vampire teeth?
5 years ago
why you call me bunghole zeke?
i thought we were MuchoFriends
5 years ago
Is the problem with the videos playing ever going to be fixed?
5 years ago
seems okay for me now
5 years ago
Plays two seconds, buffers, plays two seconds, buffers. No issues on other sites.
5 years ago
it was doing that for me yesterday - not so far tonight
5 years ago
I've had that here before sporadically, but not in the last few weeks.
5 years ago
You guys just need to realize that it's never going to run smoothly and then you won't have your hopes dashed =(
5 years ago
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