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Backbreaking sledding.

this dude has no abdominal mucles.



submitted March 6th 2006

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he bent backwards almost all the way...GREAT
12 years ago
Fuck you mucho sucko I have to comment 2 times, everytime. aaaaaahhhhhh.
12 years ago
I've done that plenty of times sledding
12 years ago
Fractured or broke a lower disk, nothing to worry about, nothing at all. He'll get a few pain meds for it, and if he's smart, he will pretend his lower back still hurts.
12 years ago
Was one of them proposing marriage at the wrong time there?
12 years ago
ouch.. that really has to hurt. i've had my share of stuff similar to this, and that hurt like hell!
12 years ago
you know it has to suck when you kick yourself in the back of the head :(
12 years ago
love his expresion after
12 years ago
I'm okay, tee hee hee! (I guess I should have let go of his arm.)
12 years ago
hey zxcy sometimes it helps to hit post then refresh the page I've had that happen before but not every time
12 years ago
had what happen?
12 years ago
recover password
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