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You don't have to play mincraft


...to enjoy this tale


by makodragon

submitted December 22nd 2012

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I still don't get what minecraft is :/
6 years ago
This video pretty much mocks the utter pointlessness of the game
6 years ago
And it is a pointless game. Don't try to understand it
6 years ago
Zeke, I don't know I'm 100% right but all you do is build shit out of blocks.
6 years ago
I think they call it a creativity simulator.
5 years ago
I bet that showed his ass. I wonder if this gave fries a hard on?
6 years ago
the creeper would have blown up on the guys dick
6 years ago
and you downvoted based on that? Or does it insult your precious minecwaft?
6 years ago
I appreciate the grace period you gave me. Still, this isn't a youtube embed...
6 years ago
I downvoted both of them, so...

* smerf shrugs *

Fuck minecraft?
6 years ago
6 years ago
Not that its right, but that thing did have a sweet ass.
5 years ago
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