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Girl doing a pee - Part I


Its funny what gets people off thesedays. But whats funny about this is how goddamn cheesy & faked this girl is. Part II tomorrow ;) 18+


by Theck

submitted March 5th 2006

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its peeing thats supposed to be sexy, but its not japanese

12 years ago
if peeing your pants in cool...consider me...miles davis!
12 years ago
bennyg... U r a bastard - my outlook express had like 110 msg's before i crashed it
12 years ago
haha, that's great, her streams of piss look like arcs of lightning!
12 years ago
wait a minute!...this is some stale ass pepper
12 years ago
To the uninitiated: Don't click on the link that bennyg, clearly a misanthrope, posted; it uses a JavaScript exploit that will do some nasty shit (as ozebruss found out the hard way). Here is info: http://www.answers.com/topic/last-measure Or, if you don't want to open THAT link, Google for "last measure javascript".
12 years ago
Hey bennyg, for part three go to http://youareanass.noreally.org
12 years ago
fuck this i wanna see more tubby bob
12 years ago
GOD wario! LOL! When i am contemplating your reserve of commentary i have to laugh at that shit.
12 years ago
I'd of liked it better if she had pissed without the underwear.
12 years ago
lol im going to give that link to a few people. Is the damage long lasting?
12 years ago
Sure, its sexy when she does it now but watch her do it again in 40 years. She will get locked up in an old folk's home with a Depends glued to her ass.
12 years ago
Awe, she's make'n fresh lemonaide...................
12 years ago
she didnt want to screw up her septic tank more so she used the caffeteria tray..
11 years ago
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