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pen spinning collab

school work or...


by gravyvein

submitted March 5th 2006

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Useless? Absolutely, Impressive? depends on who you ask, Do I wish i could do that? hell yes.
12 years ago
i can barely do that thing where u spin it around ur thumb by sortof snapping.
btw are those like professional twirling pens or something? theyre niiiice.
12 years ago
Actually I'm in this video. I don't care if believe me or not but I am the administrator of the UCPSB community and we have tons of collaborations like this.
Those pens we use actually are custom made. We take parts from other pens and put them together to make cooler looking ones.
12 years ago
i can do the basic spinning through the fingers and around the thumb... but ithink these people have faarrrr to much time on their hands.
12 years ago
well, Calculator, i believe you , because if youre telling the truth, good for you, if not, wtf do i care. wanna explain the technique then?
12 years ago
Its pretty cool for the first 30 seconds or so but after seeing the same trick 15 times its very boring. I bet those people are pick pockets and/or magicians in their spare time or maybe they just like to give their woman some good finger lovin'.
12 years ago
I have to agree that this collab isn't the best one to showcase our community's talent. It's way too long and the spinners are a bit noobish. There a lot better ones that are cooler IMO.

There actually isn't technique to this. It's alla bout how much you want to practice and after that let the muscle memory take over. There are 4 fundamental tricks: Thumbaround which is basically spinnign the pen around your thumb. Fingerpass which can be seen in Goldeneye done by Boris. Except he does a variation of it where he skips a finger. There's also the charge which a lot of people can do. The pen basically pivots in between 2 fingers. It's hard to explain but it looks cool when done continuously. The last trick is the sonic, which is damn hard to explain but the pen sort of makes a jump from between 2 fingers to 2 other fingers. so for example from between the ring and middle fingers to between the middle and index fingers.

Hope that kinda helps you guys understand the basics a bit.
12 years ago
For some reason I have never been good at pens but knives and chuck's im pro, must be all the martial arts. Someday I am gonna have to make a vid and send it in.
12 years ago
i thot it was funny that one of the spinner fellows had a sweat band on
12 years ago
Slightly impressive but girls have usually shown their gratitude of all the practice I got switching the light on and off.

Those people used to and still do give me the shits when they're doing it in class and their pens and pencils go flying every where. Interesting in high school there was a correllation between those people and acadmic underachievment.
12 years ago
pft i can do that with my feet, WITH my eyes closed!
12 years ago
hm... i cant believe i watched the entire thing
12 years ago
hmm...cool but redundant. I kept wishing it would fly out of their hands and...I dunno impale a rat. Oh well..nice talent
12 years ago
calculator feel free to submit another one that you think is better if you want ;P
12 years ago
Boring vid, thank god reel big fish saved it! oh and btw, the ppl that used both hand, that was kinda amazing.

Keen on skanking!
12 years ago
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