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An tribute to victims of gun violence everywhere

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by ClaudeBallz

submitted December 19th 2012

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So, my cousin from England came over about 8 or 9 years ago, and my dad decided to take her to the shooting range.

She tried holding a .357 magnum up close to her face to aim. When my dad corrected this so she was holding it out, the kick when she pulled the trigger caused her elbow to bend and she smacked herself in the forehead with the hammer.
6 years ago
You might want to have started her on something a little smaller, there, Dirty Smerfy...
6 years ago
Ahem... "[...]my dad decided to take her to the shooting range."

I was working, and didn't find out they when shooting until later.
6 years ago
I'm pretty sure that's tool in the last cut
6 years ago
OhSnap at 02:29! Nice job.
6 years ago
A lot more ClintNorthwood than I would've expected.
6 years ago
I was undecided on the whole right to bare arms issue. This video has convinced me.

Guns should be available to anyone, at any time, under any circumstance. How else would we get these great videos for me to laugh at?
6 years ago
Nice save at 3:14.
6 years ago