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Tamils BRUTALLY Executed


I don't like Sri Lankan.


by spreeeeem

submitted December 16th 2012

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I alway thought fighting naked intimidated your enemy?
6 years ago
it might intimidate those defenceless chipmunks and squirrels you call your enemies
6 years ago
They're doing it right, at least. One bullet to the head. With the Al Queda videos, it's either a dull knife or 20 rounds sprayed at you from 30 feet away.
6 years ago
Caps Lock warrior detected. BRUTALLY? No.
5 years ago
shut up you knucklehead
5 years ago
knucklehead [ˈnʌkəlˌhɛd]
Informal fool; idiot
knuckleheaded adj
5 years ago
5 years ago
Shut the fuck up, informal fool
5 years ago
Yak why are u so cantankerous?
5 years ago
Ya. Why?
5 years ago
Waste of pussy with those two girls...shame...
5 years ago
Lol haha
4 years ago