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Can You Get One?

Say what you want, I feel safer with guns in my home and no human has ever died from any of the GUNS!

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by toolman961

submitted December 15th 2012

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Very nice Toolman. I understand the idea of keeping guns locked up but I feel that if you do it might take to long to get to them if you need to use them. I keep most locked up but several loaded guns around the house for just such occasions.
6 years ago
I also have a safe on my end table next to my bed with an easy access code that I only know.
6 years ago
"It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one."
6 years ago
Like a condom
6 years ago
or a jumper
3 years ago
more gun safety, less gun control
6 years ago
If everyone thought that way we wouldn't be having this stupid long drawn out conversation that sealbasher started.
6 years ago
tool.... i can easily get into your safe. i watch you when you masturbate.....
6 years ago
That's a lie, I don't masterbate, I make love to myself.
6 years ago
More kids killing!
6 years ago
I hope you're a kid.
6 years ago
being unemployed must be hard. They finally cut your power off?
Instead of buying new useless guns pay the damn bills you fat old jerk
6 years ago
is your wife dead yet?
6 years ago
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