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keeping the ER in business

you've probably seen this before


by Brown.Beast

submitted March 3rd 2006

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Good ol' fashioned injuries. Gotta love 'em!
12 years ago
Favorite one was the cat slamming into the wall. Pretty good.
12 years ago
tweet tweet
12 years ago
Compilation videos with shitty music and unrelaed clips are gay gay gay
12 years ago
Just too many good ones to mention.
12 years ago
Although perhaps getting hit in the face by a rc car whilst riding a bike lingers in my memory for the long odds it needed to happen.
12 years ago
Bob Sagat would be proud
12 years ago
sure did keep the ER in business. That music made me sterilize a screwdriver with a bunsen burner and jam it into my earsocket in order to completely block out that shrieking garbage. had to be rushed right in.
I didn't like the song rockin robin with lyrics, and I definitely don't like it with hootin and hollering in the background.

But on a lighter note, that bitch that went down in the lunch room..... fucking great...
12 years ago
wonder if the farmer looked any better than the guy in the felonyfights vid.................
He got fuck'n blasted.................
12 years ago
I finally figured out what that song is! Rockin' Robin! Anyway..now that that's outa the way..the end was great, those bulls sure took a poundin hahah loved it - oh somebody already figured out the song - and what was so bad about the kid who rode the escalator? Where's the ER come in..unless his clothes hooked and he was dragged in with the stairs..but I'd have opted for a coroner then.

Great video! Just be sure to mute
12 years ago
Hahaha! funny shit...
12 years ago
classic shit. people hurting themselves by accident is always way funnier than those vids of jackass poser wannabes that do it on purpose.

yea i agree the music is gayer than my right and left hand. they always want to touch my penis those fags.
12 years ago
Queer family fun music: Check
Clips people have seen 20 times: Check

Let the silly giggles begin!

I seriously couldn't watch 10 seconds of it.
12 years ago
lol the music was better than some shitty emo rock. At least this was synced with the music too.

And the guy on the escalator. That kicked ass.
12 years ago
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