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Another Clip fom Banned South Park Episode

Randy gets arrested.


by fuz

submitted March 3rd 2006

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good ol' south park
12 years ago
i saw this before
12 years ago
Another "why the fuck should this be banned" clip! I saw this, and it was definitely not banned/censored or whatever...!
12 years ago
Oh c'mon! That episode wasn't even funny!
12 years ago
I sure hope the episode wasn't banned because of this scene. What episode was this on?
12 years ago
This was posted at the same time as the last one, i know it wasnt banned now but there was contraversy of the depiction of a virgin mary statue having periods.
12 years ago
WTF is it with banning evrey fucking thing in the states?! I mean WHY was that episode banned? I mean making fun of the virgin Mary, the pope and A.A. is not that bad:P

And that episode make some good points to... Why the fuck is the largest detoxification centre always talking about God?! So if you're an atheist or an muslim, u can do it on your own. I'm so fucking tierd of Christians always saying that they do all the good things, and denying all the bad stuff they have done.

Of course they are not allowed to call the "higher power" God anymore, but still. We all know.
12 years ago
i see nothing wrong with this video
12 years ago
that was probably the dumbest part of the episode to clip out and post.
12 years ago
Higher power?? I wud go wit the cinks karma an all, ur bad bad things will appen to u, i was cristened chatolic but fuck that i believe in something but not any of the fantasy shit most religens are based on. something made us but not the twisted shit any religen wants us to believe, its all guess work, but theres something about karma, i reckon the buddists hav it sussed
12 years ago
AHH dry shits i thought it was funny, take it none of you have been done 4 DUI
12 years ago
buddhists are cool... I wanna go buddhist one day... they have no worries and well... shouldn't have urges... that's against there religion lol
12 years ago
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